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Advasary sci fi horror book cover

"I enjoyed the story. It has just the right amount of horror, family dynamics, and retribution. Sam learns how much life and his family means to him, when he has to fight off the monster threatening his family. There are many grisly death scenes. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Stephen King or Dean Koontz."   Pamela Chismar: Amazon Reviewer  

I love a great horror story and Enter Night was fantastic. Six friends go out for a night of partying and fun. They find themselves in an abandoned farmhouse, and that is where the fun ends.

Soon they are facing a night of terror as some dreams become nightmares, and reality becomes distorted. The ghosts are alive and no one has immunity from the terror they just embarked upon.

                                                                                   Sheri A Wilkerson: Amazon Reviewer

Enter night horror book cover
post apcalyptic horror book cover

There was a flavor of “Lord of the Flies” expressed through the savage tribe of kids who kidnapped the children in the first place. They were viscous, brutal creatures grown from the cycle of abuse this book explores. And the religious practices they had cultivated in the absence of love and protection is truly horrifying. It’s the kind of horror that at once makes your stomach churn and your hand itch to draw it. (Or maybe that’s just my response to these kind of stories…)    Jeanette Andromeda: Horror Made

I'm sure everyone remembers the stories of Jack Frost from their childhood. How he would bring the cold and the snow, turn everything he touched to ice. White Walker is a Jack Frost story for grown ups, one not of wonder and imagination but instead a tale of horror and fear. A tale about an ancient deity who carries winter with him and devours the souls of all who get caught in his storm.

                                                                               Scarlet Aingeal: Amazon Reviewer

white walker horror book cover
Reprisal horror book cover

I started reading this book and within the first couple of pages I was hooked and could not stop reading it. I had to know what was going to happen next.

Margaret has been diagnosed with a split personality, an alter ego that brings violence every time she surfaces. When Candice takes control over Margaret all bets are off and you can bet things are about to get crazy...and very bloody.   Mindy Bingham: Hines & Bingham Literary Tryst


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